Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Race The Ghost: How to Have Fun With Your Eggs All Year Long!

Happy Easter, everybody! here's somethin' you can stick in your basket! the first RTG video, I Heard There Was A Fire. Check the media tab.

Tell your friends about the show! share the video link, let's blow the wrapper off "Chocolate Rain!"
With love and multicolored hardbloiled eggs that you're not sure for how long that they have been sitting out on the counter but you could probably mask any problems with enough salt,
The Easter Bunny (who is now the jazz flute soloist for RTG)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Race The Ghost: The Feel of Wearing Nothing At All

It certainly has been a while, hasn't it? You look good. You must be doing somethin' right, because we just can't stay away from you. Vin even endured a potentially fatal/life crippling accident to crawl back to you. we want you to know that regardless of what you wear, or don't wear, we are committed to this relationship. in fact, we are throwing an enormous party for you! Race the Ghost's fourth independent release, My First Crown, hits the street may 2nd. the details are in the photo above.
tickets are now on sale at
more news to come...

Monday, March 2, 2009

RTG- Free mustache in Every Bag

That's right, kids! Clean off your mirrors because Race the Ghost is back and ready to make a mess! Harkening back to last year's Halloween show with our friends Dawn Canon (in case you weren't there, or in case you blacked out from over-indulgence of the enormous bags of candy that Marisabel and Evan shared with everyone, there was a serious mustache outbreak of epidemic proportion that night...I mean, it was bad. Mustaches everywhere. The health department confiscated all of the photos...) we will be playing with them (Dawn Canon, that is) again this Thursday.
In other RTG news, the finishing touches are being added to the video... we will alert you as to its premier. Also, the recordings under the title My First Crown, are ready for release into the wild.
we will, of course, notify you of the monumental cd release bash. Get ready. We have also recorded a few new songs and some new versions of old songs. say hello to mr. cd will be available to those who see us at the show thursday night. So to you and your respective mustaches, Race the Ghost bids you good week. See you Thursday! Here are the details:
March 5, 2009
Lava Lounge
2204 East Carson St. (southside)
10 PM, $5

vinstache, mikestache, frankstache, and benjstache

Monday, December 22, 2008

race the ghost is back in the swing

hey folks, this here bloggin' is a brand new thing for us, so we ask for your patience as we get acclimated. there's lots of news on our part: a new look for the official band website (thanks to, new photos coming (thanks to al adams), a re-release of our second and third recordings, and many surprises planned for race the ghost's new record release. that being said, we are currently building the set list for the release party, and i mean building it. whether you only know us through our recordings or have been to every show that we've played, we are making some big promises that we intend to keep and a set list that we are even excited about. so, we will keep you posted. wishing you strength and courage as we all work for peace in 2009! merry christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Saterday, Aug. 14, 2007
Address: Pittsburgh
Details:with "Lohio, Southeast Engine " $5 cover

Saterday, July 14, 2007
Address: Pittsburgh

Thursday, June 14, 2007
Location:Lava Lounge
Address:2347 East Carson, Pittsburgh
Details:with "the Triggers"

Wednesday, June 6, 2007
Location:Club Cafe
Address:1238 12th St. and East Carson , Pittsburgh
Details:opening for Kevin Finn

Monday, June 4
Location:2007 Three Rivers Arts Festival
Address:Stanwix triangle stage
Time:6:30 PM
Details:w/ black moth super rainbow; jack wilson and the dums